PBOX Rackmount System

NEXCOM provides 2U and 4U 19'' PBOX rackmount systems to help customers quickly integrate with the current system for different applications. The rackmount Systems (NEX and PEAK series) feature versatile I/O configuration, and offers flexibility and scalability for industrial applications requiring superior performance and reliability.

Product Model Name CPU Board Backplane Power Supply Height
3f70c9f1-6249-4882-b67a-e0e85acc65cc PBOX 100 NISB120 N/A 60W 51mm
bd547d21-6fd6-43c0-8c78-c41b40a1ecb7 PBOX 240P PEAK870VL2/
400W 2U
390bc87a-720f-4c69-9b47-0263fe50f120 PBOX 440P PEAK870VL2/
400W 4U
f5a4c35b-eca9-43bd-9ca7-9f619338a3ff PBOX 460P PEAK8920VL2 NBP20016 550W 4U
3c1d7b66-f79a-482b-bdef-54c09eb04403 PBOX 520A NEX 980 non 400W ATX 177mm
efabc668-3e86-4b63-8262-130830744b6f PBOX-4U14570 PEAK 888 NBP 14570 500W 4U
63cac3d2-e533-4397-a990-b180202b8c3a PBOX-4U912 NEX 912 non 500W 4U
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