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Applied Panel PC/ Monitor

NEXCOM fanless Panel PC adopts an all-in-one concept that integrates a single board computer, TFT LCD Panel with LED backlight, and user-friendly touch screen within a slick and compact NEMA 4 / IP65 chassis. Designed to serve as a flexible and reliable industrial computing platform, each Panel PC and Monitor is a compact, highly integrated, network-ready computer with exceptional I/O connectivity. The industrial-grade machinery computer from NEXCOM is designed for use in any light industrial environments.

Product Model Name CPU Chipset LCD/ Touch LAN/ COM/ mini-PCIe/ Fieldbus
97f36e36-8bec-4155-b69d-924299982d4c APPC 0840T Atom™ E3826 N/A 8" SVGA/ R 5-Wire 2/ 2/ 1 /1
78ecadc4-d87b-462b-8486-f0c2da6e9189 APPC 1230T/
Atom™ D2550 Intel® NM10 12.1" SVGA /
R 5-Wire
2/ 2(4)/ 2
aaf02a8c-e723-4b99-9b9f-354d5794a9ec APPC 1235T Atom™ D2550 Intel® NM10 12.1" XGA/
R 5-Wire
2/ 2(4)/ 2
431671fb-614d-4c06-99d4-3b1a9424173b APPC 1240T E3826 N/A 12.1 SVGA/R 5-Wire 2/2(4)/2/1
6d93cce2-896d-42ef-b759-fe29dc4f92c5 APPC 1245T E3826 N/A 12.1 XGA/R 5-Wire 2/2(4)/2/1
8014aa58-a285-4cd3-9799-559b0f30de23 APPC 1530T/
Atom™ D2550 Intel® NM10 15" XGA/ R 5-Wire 2/ 2(4)/ 2
4661b087-1172-4873-a5f9-491ad0ddc252 APPC 1540T E3826 N/A 15 XGA/R 5-Wire 2/2(4)/2/1
e9cf8dd1-9e06-4f64-aa5b-9f1a656b1998 APPC 1560T Celeron®
Intel® HM76 15" XGA/R 5-Wire 2/3/2/1
2dd6a7de-df2a-4892-bb62-c3ab7cf7d5c9 APPC 1730T/
Atom™ D2550 Intel® NM10 17" SXGA/ R 5-Wire 2/ 2(4)/ 2
6db3a043-e442-4147-8d01-7d7c33c5f30e APPC 1740T E3826 N/A 17 SXGA/R 5-Wire 2/2(4)/2/1
4a44a36a-212a-4bb2-b800-b3d21db5279e APPC 1930T/
Atom™ D2550 Intel® NM10 19" SXGA/ R 5-Wire 2/ 2(4)/ 2
faec96e8-0f99-4f09-95d8-81579d2a4af9 APPC 1940T E3826 N/A 19 SXGA/R 5-Wire 2/2(4)/2/1
8e82f0b4-4045-4053-8a97-9d525ee19491 APPD 1200T N/A N/A 12.1" SVGA/
R 5-Wire
USB/ RS-232
8b2fbefb-75be-479d-afac-f250cdd13e4e APPD 1205T N/A N/A 12.1"XGA/
R 5-Wire
USB/ RS-232
5f27b863-fdda-486c-93ea-1a0a0bca7a99 APPD 1500T N/A N/A 15" XGA/ R 5-Wire VGA/ DVI-D &
USB/ RS-232
becc3c0b-5cd5-4e4a-b41c-efd09f949b47 APPD 1700T N/A N/A 17" SXGA/ R 5-Wire VGA/ DVI-D &
USB/ RS-232
6340a5c2-a185-4629-a428-5c918bce9563 APPD 1900T N/A N/A 19" SXGA/ R 5-Wire VGA/ DVI-D &
USB/ RS-232
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